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Anglo-Saxon Heritage comes alive in Metal

This year to celebrate the Staffordshire Hoard Neil has created a metal version of the famous Anglo-Saxon crosses of Staffordshire and Derbyshire. This work was recently displayed at the Mothertown Art Gallery Burslem, in summer 2012.Cross[1]


Get to know the artist

In 2007 Neil and his mother were interviewed by the BBC in his “Garden of Creations” below is the link to this podcast:


What do you call a forgetful parrot?



This parrot is Neil’s current project which he is working on this winter. When finished she will be a 4 foot Parrot with various feather and paint designs, for more details please contact

Its a bugslife!!!

Fly[1]These are some of Neil’s first artistic pieces and were meant as Garden sculptures, I am hoping to soon have these designs in store in local garden centres and interior design shops so keep an eye out.

The Dodo Sculpture

Dodo[1]The mythical, fantasy and extinct have always interested Neil and in 2012 he started a project to complete 3 sculptures of the infamous Dodo. The main sculpture is a mother bird of about 4 foot in size and there are also two small baby birds that are shaped to fit alongside their mother. This sculpture was exhibited at the Mothertown gallery and  is still for sale, it would make a wonderful landscape garden sculpture and I have just contacted the Natural History Museum and Oxford Natural History Museum about this item, please contact myself at if you would like to discuss any of the items.

2012 Iron Works Exhibition Mothertown Gallery, Burslem , Stoke-on-Trent

This year Neil had his work on display at the Mothertown Art Gallery in the Old Post Office in Burslem, S-O-T

Here is the link to the show which lasted over 3 months and had many visitors: